left inverse

left inverse
vasemmanpuoleinen käänteismatriisi

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  • Left inverse — A left inverse in mathematics may refer to:* A left inverse element with respect to a binary operation on a set * A left inverse function for a mapping between sets …   Wikipedia

  • left inverse — noun A related function that, given the output of the original function returns the input that produced that output. In order for a function to have a left inverse it must be injective. Ant: right inverse …   Wiktionary

  • Inverse element — In abstract algebra, the idea of an inverse element generalises the concept of a negation, in relation to addition, and a reciprocal, in relation to multiplication. The intuition is of an element that can undo the effect of combination with… …   Wikipedia

  • Inverse function — In mathematics, if fnof; is a function from A to B then an inverse function for fnof; is a function in the opposite direction, from B to A , with the property that a round trip (a composition) from A to B to A (or from B to A to B ) returns each… …   Wikipedia

  • Inverse distance weighting — (IDW) is a method for multivariate interpolation, a process of assigning values to unknown points by using values from usually scattered set of known points. A general form of finding an interpolated value u for a given point x using IDW is an… …   Wikipedia

  • Inverse trigonometric functions — Trigonometry History Usage Functions Generalized Inverse functions Further reading …   Wikipedia

  • Inverse semigroup — In mathematics, an inverse semigroup S is a semigroup in which every element x in S has a unique inverse y in S in the sense that x = xyx and y = yxy. Inverse semigroups appear in a range of contexts; for example, they can be employed in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Inverse Gaussian distribution — Probability distribution name =Inverse Gaussian type =density pdf | cdf parameters =lambda > 0 mu > 0 support = x in (0,infty) pdf = left [frac{lambda}{2 pi x^3} ight] ^{1/2} exp{frac{ lambda (x mu)^2}{2 mu^2 x cdf = Phileft(sqrt{frac{lambda}{x… …   Wikipedia

  • Inverse functions and differentiation — In mathematics, the inverse of a function y = f(x) is a function that, in some fashion, undoes the effect of f (see inverse function for a formal and detailed definition). The inverse of f is denoted f^{ 1}. The statements y=f(x) and x=f 1(y) are …   Wikipedia

  • Inverse-chi-square distribution — Probability distribution name =Inverse chi square type =density pdf cdf parameters = u > 0! support =x in (0, infty)! pdf =frac{2^{ u/2{Gamma( u/2)},x^{ u/2 1} e^{ 1/(2 x)}! cdf =Gamma!left(frac{ u}{2},frac{1}{2x} ight)igg/, Gamma!left(frac{… …   Wikipedia

  • Inverse-gamma distribution — Probability distribution name =Inverse gamma type =density pdf cdf parameters =alpha>0 shape (real) eta>0 scale (real) support =xin(0;infty)! pdf =frac{eta^alpha}{Gamma(alpha)} x^{ alpha 1} exp left(frac{ eta}{x} ight) cdf… …   Wikipedia

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